3 Mobile Optimization Strategies for B2B Marketing

If you take a look around, you will see a smartphone in the hands of almost everyone you see. This holds especially true for B2B marketers who are engaged in lead generation.  They know their professional audience is constantly connected to their devices for things like email correspondence and professional networking. With this in mind, the culture of communication has shifted to prioritize mobile optimization. Before you start any marketing initiative, consider the ways in which you can connect with your audience through their preferred method of communication, their mobile devices.

  • Make landing pages user friendly. When not optimized for mobile, landing page forms can be a pain to fill out. Eliminate unnecessary fields that clutter your landing page. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the fields are properly aligned with labels and titles. This will help your users avoid the dreaded “missed field” alert.
  • Stick to responsive designs and limited sizing parameters. A poorly designed mobile ad or email can prompt viewers to overlook or delete the message before they even start reading. Choose your graphics wisely to avoid images appearing as blank spaces or links. Also, 500-600px is typically the ideal resolution for optimal mobile viewing, however you may want to consider other smart phones like Blackberry’s which have a smaller display. Using responsive design indicates that content can change in size, layout, and format to fit the screen of the viewer.
  • Keep email subject lines short and concise. You have a limited amount of space on a mobile phone and you want to make sure your subject line is able to capture your audience while taking up the minimum amount of space. In order to do this, limit the characters in your subject line and make the most relevant and exciting information occupy the first half of the subject line. This way your reader will be more intrigued and willing to open your email.


Your B2B mobile marketing strategy must focus on ensuring good view ability on mobile devices and tablets. Businesses should embrace mobile as a source of email and advertising revenue and incorporate it into their overall marketing plan. While it can’t replace channels such as social media or paid ads, it can serve as an additional dimension to reach your audience.