3 Tips for Social Media Community Management in the Time of COVID-19

Now, more than ever, social media is an integral part of the success and growth for most businesses. While many people are socially distancing and spending a lot of time online, it’s an especially important time to focus on your digital footprint, which would include social media.

One of the critical elements of an effective social media program is community management. It is often overlooked or not attended to on a consistent basis, yet it remains a key step to increasing engagement, which eventually can lead to business opportunities. Here are three tips that we have implemented for our clients, which have resulted in successful outcomes:

1. Empathy first

When communicating in today’s stressful environment, be sure to always practice empathy first. Much like how marketers should be tailoring their posts to remain mindful and respectful of what’s going on in the world, you should also be extending the same courtesy to community management.

For example, many customers might be concerned about your company’s safety protocol and how you’re following the CDC guidelines.

Be transparent. By providing information and reassurance that your business is taking every single safety precaution and making your customers’ safety an utmost priority, you can help to reduce their stress. The bonus is they are more likely to trust you.

2. Be sure to answer every single comment

We recommend individually responding to each and every comment, even if it’s just a like. It shows your customers that you care, encourages interaction on future posts, and increases engagement.

When comments go unnoticed, your customers may feel ignored and get the wrong impression of your business, which can negatively impact your brand image.

Check the engagement for each of your social media channels at least twice per day. Our suggestion is once at the start of the day and again at the end of each business day.

3. Monitor all social media channels

Always practice social media listening. Monitor conversations, listen to what your audience needs, and help address their concerns.

Monitoring social media for mentions of your brand can help you gain insight about your audience, allowing you to communicate more effectively in both your responses and content. It can also help you identify important trends in your industry, locate potential influencers, and keep tabs on your competitors.

Maintaining regular community management practices for business-to-business interactions is vital to successfully grow and engage your social media audiences. Make it a priority to remain responsive – it’s the perfect opportunity to show your business is running as per usual with the same exemplary customer service as always.

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