3 Ways To Grow Your Email List for B2B marketers

Email has been proven to be one of the best methods for cultivating long-term relationships with customers. Not only does it have one of the highest ROI’s, it can also be used in tandem with social media and search marketing. This is one of the few assets in the digital world that you can truly own. Unlike search traffic that continuously changes or social media channels that are constantly evolving, your email list will remain yours. Here are 3 effective ways B2B Markerters can grow your email marketing list-

Magnetic Content– Essentially, magnetic content is writing about what your target market wants to learn about….not what you sell. A few examples of magnetic content that tend to work best are eBook guides, targeted content upgrades, white papers and webinars. These methods can help your audience reach a specific solution by providing them with tailored information that they want to learn about and engage with.

Opt-In Forms– Placing your opt-in forms in the right location, while communicating the right message is one of the best ways to convert visitors. There are a few key locations most marketers have identified as the best spots for opt-in forms. The side bar is considered one of the highest converting locations for opt-informs. Similarly, placing an opt-in form below a CTA (Call To Action) is also one of the most optimal spots. Other great locations are the top bar, embedded inside a blog post, a slide box that appears in a bottom corner as a user scrolls down, and a pop-up form just before your visitors leave your site.

Landing Pages– Your landing page generally contains some of your magnetic content. In order to have the greatest conversion outcome, you will need to optimize this page. There are a few things you can do to ensure your landing pages are successful. For example, always focus on the value proposition. This is the most important aspect of your website. Make sure your value is clear to your visitors so that they will want to give you their email address in exchange for what you offer. Another way is to offer one clear call to action. In this case it is to capture email addresses. Avoid combining this with other calls to actions in order keep your message clear and your audience engaged.

Compared to the fleeting nature of social media, email can provide you with valuable resources that you own. These simple methods are relatively straight-forward to implement and they can have a speedy effect on converting more visitors and growing your email database. As your email list grows, don’t forget to nurture your leads with offers that allow you to move them along the sales cycle.