5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Live Chat

Does Your Website Have a Live Chat feature?

Improve Your Customer’s Experience By Providing Convenience

Today, so many products and services are digitized and instantaneous: Facebook and Instagram direct messaging with brands, ordering food on an app with the press of a button, and even smart home products we can control right from our phones…

And then there’s live chat on business websites. When brands use this feature to enhance the customer experience, it appeals to our digitized world and the way in which consumers expect service to be – quick, convenient, and at the palm of their hand.

Help Customers Get Quick Answers

Have you ever used live chat on a company website to ask a question about a product? Chances are you got your answer right away and appreciated not having to call a 1-800 number.

Aside from speedy service, live chat offers a lot of benefits. Read on to find out what they are.

There are 5 Main Benefits of Live Chat Plugins:

1. Foster A Higher Level of Communication and Connection with Your Customers

Giving your customers the opportunity to reach out and ask questions about your products and services through live chat builds deeper connections.

Be careful when using a chatbot – this can be frustrating and unhelpful for your customers, especially when their questions are not being properly responded to or answered. It’s better to be upfront and tell the visitor that they are interacting with a chatbot and why they are to establish realistic expectations and a positive customer experience.

Automation can be useful initially when it comes to filtering inquiries to the right department or customer service representative. A one-on-one, real-time conversation with a human, not a chatbot, can help humanize your brand and show customers you care.

Live chat supports immediate, easily accessible service that can enhance the buyer experience.

Providing personalized service and building relationships with your customers will make them more likely to return.

2. Learn More About Your Target Market

Chatting with your customers can help you gain insight about your target market.

Pay attention to what your customers have to say about your brand. Listen to what your customers need and address their concerns…

Are there multiple gripes about the same things? Whether it’s product or operational changes, being aware of where your company falls short can help you see where improvement is needed.

In addition, knowing what’s important to your audience can help your brand communicate more effectively in your marketing efforts – including content creation, social media posts, website copy, and more.

3. Improve Interaction & Engagement on Your Website

Live chat shows your brand is friendly and approachable, which encourages interaction on your website.

You can quickly and efficiently share product information with customers who express interest – a convenient way to provide a link that’ll presumably be clicked, increasing traffic to your product pages.

4. Increase Leads and Conversions

Keep in mind that many customers live chatting with you have already begun their journey down the sales funnel. They’re on your website, so they’re aware of your brand. They’ve expressed interest as they’re actively chatting with your brand to learn more…

Those on live chat may be just one piece of information away from making a purchasing decision and taking action.

Don’t be promotional on live chat. You’re there to answer questions, solve problems, and provide information about your brand and products.

5. Create A Better Customer Experience

Whether it’s prospective or existing clients, be a resource for all of your customers.

Existing customers may have questions about their current or future orders. Swiftly and conveniently addressing their concerns offers a better customer experience.


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