5 Tips to Enhance The User Experience on Your Dental Manufacturing Website

In order to effectively connect with dental professionals online, you’ll need to build a website for your dental manufacturing company that not only offers informative content, but a positive user experience.

Your website is the core of your digital footprint, and what your visitors encounter will determine whether or not they want to do business with you. Blink and in a split second your prospects make a judgment about your company. Have you made the right impression? Communicated the right message?

Don’t let your prospects or existing customers turn to the competition.

Read on for some tips on how to tell your brand’s unique story while showcasing your company’s innovative products and services.

1. Know your target audience.

When it comes to marketing your dental products and services, it’s important to know what your audience needs and what they value.

To gain insight, create a buyer persona. This is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data about customer demographics and online behaviors.

Ask questions and learn how your products/services can help address your viewers’ needs. Interview at least ten people within your target market, no family or friends.

Formulate a list of questions that’ll allow you to learn about your audience’s goals and challenges. Then utilize their responses to determine how you’ll position your brand/products in a way that resonates with your audience and solves their dilemmas.

2. Highlight what makes your brand stand out in the marketplace.

Why should your prospects choose you over a competitor?

Research your competitors and learn how your products/services are unique in the marketplace.

Tell your audience what you’re all about. Effective digital marketing requires storytelling and sharing your company’s narrative, which is especially important today.

Storytelling can help your business stand out from the competition, develop a meaningful connection with your audience, and provide more memorable content.

3. Create thorough, informative product descriptions.

In your product descriptions, describe how your products can help address issues faced by dental professionals. For instance, will your equipment or materials allow clinicians or dental technicians to complete their work more quickly, easily, and efficiently? Will these products help professionals deliver better restorative results? Deliver a better patient experience?

Address your target audience’s pain points. Some additional questions to consider include:

  1. How does the product help improve restorative accuracy to minimize prosthetic remakes?
  2. How does this product help clinicians or lab professionals grow their business? Will it deliver a new source of revenue for the practice/lab

4. Looks for ways to continually improve your website.

Make it easy for dental professionals to navigate your website and locate information. Users should be able to quickly and effortlessly locate answers to their questions, including what your business does, how your products provide value, hours of operation, and contact information.

Understand how dental professionals utilize your products/services, and organize your website in a way that aligns with the viewers expectations. How would clinicians or dental lab professionals search for the items?

Your website should also be fast (with the ability to load in less than three seconds), secure (https), mobile-friendly, ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), and offer easily digestible information.

To improve interaction and engagement on your website, make it easy for clinicians or dental lab professionals to access support, ask questions, and get a quick response. Be resourceful and focus on building a better customer experience.

To foster a higher level of communication with prospects and current customers, create more user-friendly touch points such as a live chat plugin, contact form, or even a free app.

It’s also important to evaluate your website’s copy relative to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Is your content matched to specific dental search keywords?

SEO is essential as it helps people find your website in a Google search, increases your online exposure to prospects, and ultimately boosts traffic and conversions.

To have your website considered for relevant searches, you’ll need a consistent stream of content that’s tailored to your target audience’s interests.

5. Add a Learning Center to your website: create valuable, educational content.

Establish your company as a thought leader in the dental industry – be the source your audience comes to for industry related information. Providing value to your viewers can ultimately lead to increased engagement.

Content marketing is a clever way to build trust and establish authority, provide value, and keep your audience’s interest.

Some content marketing ideas that have been especially beneficial for our dental manufacturing clients include datasheets, product demo videos, tutorials/how-to videos, product reviews, and case studies.

Pro tip: Create a Learning Center on your website and build a library of informative content. (Bonus: educational content can also be shared on social media, such as your LinkedIn page or via email marketing campaigns.)

Whether it’s educational videos, webinars, or tradeshow opportunities, provide access to informative content that can help dental professionals gain knowledge and enhance their craft.

Demonstrate how your product is used in specific dental cases. For example, one of our dental manufacturing clients creates demo videos with helpful tips on the application of their products, which they share on social media at least 1-3 times per month.

These videos often generate a lot of interest and spark conversations with their audience, which is because they’re used as an opportunity to teach and answer their audience’s questions.

If you need help coming up with content ideas, see what questions your audience asks in the sales process as well as in the comments section and direct messages via social media.

You can also use video testimonials from key opinion leaders (KOLs). For instance, a dental manufacturing client collaborated with a well-known dental lab owner who created an interesting demo of a fan-favorite product, which generated a lot of viewer interest.

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