Think About Ad Context

You put a lot of money, creativity, thought and time into your marketing campaigns. But all that could be derailed if people see your ad in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pictured at left is an advertisement on the NYC subway for In the right context, this ad could be clever and funny. But unfortunately, in this case, it really hits too close to home.

The text, “Stranger’s armpit. Just. Too. Close” accompanied by the photo of a woman unfortunately close to someone else’s armpit, evokes powerful, negative feelings in those who ride the subway. In fact, someone could actually have their head in someone else’s armpit as they’re seeing the ad. And the text below, “Gotta get out of here. Fast.” is something you might think when on a crowded subway, but be unable to do.

So what could happen when you see the ad while traveling on a crowded subway being sardined in with other strangers, some of whom might smell offensive and seeing this ad reminds you of that unpleasant fact? You could get pretty ticked off, especially when you’re stuck doing this five days a week.

Pay attention to context when you place an ad. You don’t want someone to feel uncomfortable or angry when seeing it, because while they might remember it, they probably won’t want to buy what you’re selling.