Are Brochures Still Relevant? – Yes!

SEPT_2014_BrochuresAre brochures relevant? Are they still effective? It’s a valid question. And we understand why your gut response might be no. Some businesses might not require brochures. For instance, if your website contains all the information – and more – that you would want in a brochure, and you don’t often meet with potential clients to increase business.

With the new marketing paradigm, people turn to the internet to sell themselves. Potential clients and customers would be able to look through your website as a brochure and decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

However, for businesses that require one-on-one contact, such as B2B businesses, brochures are still relevant. They become important as leave-behinds. Your prospect or customer will have tangible information in their hands about your business once your meeting is over.

As always, our emphasis is on interactions, not transactions, and when your potential client consults your website after reading through the brochure you left, it should expound on the information they already have. Make sure your brochures and your website work together, portray the same brand identity and message, and become a winning combination for your business.