Are You Using Facebook Business Manager? A quick tutorial. . .

Launched to a select group of advertisers in April of 2014 and rolled out to all later in the year, Business Manager is a great way to manage your posts and track likes and other things on the social network. According to Facebook: “Business Manager lets you manage all of the pages, ad accounts, and people for your company in one place. You can see who is working on what, and what they have access to, and keep your business separate from your personal Facebook profile.”

To get started, visit, log in, choose your primary page, and link any other pages you manage to it. Under the Settings tab, add the people who work on the account and assign them roles. Social Media Examiner has a great tutorial here.

Great and useful features of Business Manager include the ability to set up different ad accounts for each page you manage, and ease of assigning roles to different employees to different pages and ad accounts. It also makes it easier to keep professional and personal lives separate, as you don’t have to be friends with anyone on Facebook to add them as an admin for your page. And you can be logged into your company through Business Manager in one window, while viewing your personal Facebook feed in another.

As with many things in social media, if it’s new it can be intimidating. But we urge you to jump in and set up your Business Manager account. It makes operating your business’s Facebook page a breeze.