Is Marketing an Investment or an Expense?

The first in a several part series. Most people look at me with a very quizzical expression when I give them my opinion. Accountants will tell you it’s an expense. Most marketing/advertising companies say it’s an investment and precious few actually stand behind those words. One infamous quote comes to mind “Half of all my
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Beyond Fresh Paint

Do you think you need to create a new and exciting ad, update the company logo, and/or send a new direct mail piece? Think again. Many times these tactical solutions are superficial at best because no one has taken the time to look internally at some of the barriers which prevent marketing tactics from working.
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A Unique Perspective To Remember

Have you every worked with someone you found intriguing, fascinating, inspiring and challenging all at the same time? Imagine looking forward to discussing your ideas and brainstorming with an individual knowing that he would challenge your perceptions, add his own twist and eventually end up with a well thought out and beautifully executed project. I’ve
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A New Way to Measure Marketing

Hi Mitch, as you know, I am very focused on making sure that any marketing efforts we undertake are profitable. However, measuring profitability is sometimes difficult given the nature of some of the marketing tactics we implement. (i.e. Public Relations) Over the past couple of years there has been an increase in the amount of
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Blogging: Is it Right for Your Business?

We’ve all heard the term by now. There are over 26.7 million blogs out there ( But most of us are asking should we do it? Is there a return on the investment of time and money? The first question to answer is – Does the target market you want to influence read blogs? If
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What Is Your Brand?

Successful branding creates a bond with each customer. The following is a way to begin to understand how you can differentiate your business and create an effective and long-term genuine brand. Company Business Brand Kinko’s/FedEx Copies and office supplies Your office Starbucks Coffee The third place Your Company ? ? The chart above is part
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