Changes By Election Cycles: The Most Powerful Marketing Advice Ever

Change happens fast – if you don’t see them coming and don’t react, you get left behind. The uphill battle to restore your position as a market leader becomes a fight for survival. 
 From one presidential election to another, changes can occur at a dizzying pace. In just four years:

1. Twitter and Facebook have evolved into major communication platforms.

2. Many newspapers and magazines have abandoned their print versions to move into the more economical digital space.

3. Shoppers continue to make more purchases online rather than in stores.

 4. Cell phones are the new computer – giving consumers a wealth of immediate information and entertainment options. Smart phones have also turned us all into photojournalists.

5. From Kindles to iPads, it’s rapidly becoming a tablet world.

6. The development of millions of apps has simplified everyday tasks – banking, airline reservations, shopping, dining, purchasing and much more.

7. Education from the country’s top universities is available online. Some courses are even offered at no charge through websites and iTunes.

The list could continue, but one element that hasn’t changed could prove to be the most powerful marketing advice ever for your business: Results increase when you’re more kind than clever.

Business is a human and emotional transaction. Whether that transaction occurs face-to-face or online, it’s still easy to convey kindness.

Every four years, programs will come and go. Today’s most popular trend may end up as tomorrow’s faded t-shirt. While technology can carry companies into the future, the most sustainable and successful ones will never forget the personal touch.