A Critical Step in Social Marketing You Don't Know About

In the marketing scheme of things, social media is still pretty new, and many businesses are catching up to the logistics of it all.

At this point, most (if not all) networks require someone with a personal page to set up a brand’s page. And when someone sets up a page, your social media manager, for example, he or she has sole access until they make someone else a manager. In some cases companies create dummy personal profiles (“Internet Marketer” could be an example) and use those to set up business pages.

While it makes the most sense for the person managing your social media to have access, it creates a serious problem if that person is the only one who has access. If they leave your company, they take social media access with them.

Facebook in particular can be frustrating, because it knows what computers you’ve logged in on in the past and could lock your account if it detects a new person trying to post to your page. You could be prevented from posting social updates to your own page.

In order to ensure that your company always has access to its social media profiles, once they’re set up, have your social media manager make multiple people in the company managers of the page. Even if they’re not going to post to the page, several higher-ups in your company should always have access. So if you hire a new person to manage your social content, one of the several managers can in turn make them a manager. It protects you, your company, and your social media accounts.