Do You Have Time for Social Media?

One of the more common questions I get asked is “When do I have time for all this stuff?.” Let me share with you some ideas on how to manage social media for your organization.

First, to understand when and how much time to put into this medium you need to know that social media represents a new paradigm for communication. As marketers, we no longer “push” information but interact with our prospects and that means time.

Since time spent would vary by occupation, let me break it down by title so you can understand the differences. (The following represents what a typical organization that has an outside firm handling the day to day grind of social media.)


Owners need to be concerned that the company is engaged with the conversation online and that all communication is in keeping with the “voice” of the organization. A typical CEO/owner engaged in social media would be spending about 15-60 minutes a day.


Whether you are a director or coordinator, you will be spending time collecting, analyzing and reporting data as well as managing the interactions and engaging in some. Since this is about 20-30% of your budget (should be) marketing people need to spend about 2-3 hours/day managing, responding to and tweaking all social media.


Your usage of social media needs to take direction from marketing as they feed you qualified leads. Salespeople need to spend most of their time on LinkedIn – that will give you that extra edge you’ve been looking for. Plan on spending about 15-60 minutes a day.

Or if you’re like us, we spend about 6-10 hours a day. We love this stuff!! How much time do you spend?