Don’t Forget the Essentials

NOV_2014_HumanInteractYears ago, TV was the powerhouse of advertising – now it has taken a backseat to the internet, says Entrepreneur. And who knows what could come next after that? Technology is a beautiful thing; it’s always evolving and changing.

No matter what new tactics arise, the best marketing practices come down to honest human interaction. We always find our way back to the essentials – be it PR, word of mouth, or other old favorites. Some ways never die. And it’s because in the end, these ideas tie back to honest, human interaction.

Nothing beats a brand’s ability to interact with its consumers. So this month, take a look at your own company – how does your brand interact and engage? Do you understand what your customer wants? What kind of reaction does your brand generate?

Even if it seems like a simple request, it could make a big difference in your next big marketing decision.

Approach any new technology or social network with human interaction at its core. You may be thousands of miles away from someone who sees your Facebook post, but that person is a human being, who values honesty, integrity, and transparency.