Eight-Point Social Media Marketing Reality Check

While there may be a place for social media marketing in your sales-building plan, businesses of every sector continue to jump on the social media bandwagon believing it offers a way to easy profits. To put all of the hype into a grounded perspective, here is our Eight-Point Social Media Reality Check:

  1. Social media marketing is not advertising. Consider it a form of interacting with your target market not transacting.
  2. There are no social media miracles that will increase your profits immediately.
  3. Social media marketing is extremely time intensive. It takes much effort, energy and creativity to write regular posts that are interesting and relevant to your readers.
  4. Utilizing various social media tools is not perfect for every business.
  5. Just because social media activities work for one business doesn’t mean they will work for your business.
  6. Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Many articles state social media is effective, while plenty argue the opposite. What matters is that your participation in social media meets your business objectives.
  7. Don’t be misled by the huge number of Facebook users. Most people only use Facebook to connect with their family and friends.
  8. Finally, developing an overall strategy, process and plan for increasing profits is more important than any social media tool you’ll ever use.