Facebook for Advertising: The Best Strategy for the Best Results

Since General Motors pulled its advertising budget from Facebook, claiming its ads had little impact on car purchases, many have questioned the value of Facebook as a results-oriented advertising medium.

We take a different approach, feeling that not enough advertisers have focused on the best way to utilize Facebook.

You’d never think to slap together a TV commercial, a print ad or run a direct mail program and expect it to be immediately successful – you have to invest time and creativity into your message and make sure it speaks to your target audience in each medium. But here’s the key – the message for each medium just may have to be different.

One solution? Use Facebook as a marketing platform, with stories of interest that capture the users’ emotions about a specific product you’re featuring or that directly relates to your specific advertising campaign.

Take a multi-faceted approach, starting with great content on your brand page, and combine that with Facebook ads and sponsored stories to drive fans to your page. Constantly monitor the performance of your ads to make sure engagement and reach are up. If it’s not working – change it!