Changing Your Company's Facebook Page: The New Timeline is Here

Notorious for making format changes, Facebook is still on a roll – and now with one of the most dramatic redesigns ever. Recently completing the addition of Timeline for personal profile pages, Facebook has announced that the same Timeline feature, along with a new creative layout, is now being added to business pages. In other words, the layout of your company’s Facebook page is going to change.

Upon visiting your company’s Facebook page, you will now see an option to preview your page in the new Timeline layout. While there’s a learning curve to grasping this change – what else would you expect from Facebook – you’ll want to take advantage of the top banner space for your logo and other interesting product or service visuals that will make your page and your brand pop.

Here’s what you need to be aware of: Page owners and administrators have until the end of this month – March 31st – to redesign and publish their company’s Facebook page, at which time all pages automatically switch to the new format. If you need help in redesigning your page, just let us know.