The Secret to Successfully Using Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are important elements in any social media campaign. Using it successfully requires some thought and careful planning. Following are some really good tips:

• Crafting a message is the most important element of any advertising campaign. The copy has to be original, creative, memorable and engaging –with a call to action. Without those key elements, delivered to your target audience on a frequent basis, don’t expect the register to ring.

• Crafting content for your Facebook and Twitter postings should be different. You can use the same content, just re-task it. It also has to be original, creative, memorable and engaging.

• While everyone uses social media platforms because they’re easy to use, the ability to write interesting content that converts fans into paying customers is extremely challenging and can make or break your social media campaign.

• The real secret to success using Facebook and Twitter is not the number of fans or followers you have, but the number of people interacting with you, interested enough to become your company’s evangelists and eventually purchasing your product or service. The starting point for that success is always going to be strong content.

How effective is your content? Do you have a professional writer on staff who understands the critical components of content marketing?