Fred Candiotti

When you meet Fred, you’ll understand why he’s responsible for overseeing all of our creative and production staff as well as personally servicing our clients.

He’s smart. He’s funny. He listens. He learns. He’s savvy. He’s talented. He’s practical.

Fred is involved in every project from inception to completion, always demanding a bit more from our team and from himself to ensure that every project hits the mark. You’ll never hear him say “let it go,” or “it’ll do.” He brings out the best in everyone with every project the agency produces.

It’s no surprise that with a background as a Creative Director and as a Corporate Advertising Manager, Fred brings a broad range of experience on both the agency and corporate sides. Over the last twenty-five years, Fred has been honing his creative expertise in business-to-business marketplaces including manufacturing, industrial, dental, electronics, and consumer goods.

Fred has earned a number of prestigious awards on both local and national levels and is often referred to in the media for articles written about the advertising industry and creative discussions.

But don’t take our word for it. Meet Fred, and you’ll know that you can trust him for his innovative creativity and uncompromising execution.