Google+: Getting Started

Google+, one of the newer players in the social media sphere, is fast becoming one of the most important networks to have a presence on. The number of active users well exceeded 300 million in 2013, but probably the most important aspect of Google+ is that links posted to it can have a great impact on your SEO.

So if you don’t have a Google+ page, whether it’s for personal or business reasons (both will positively influence SEO), we highly recommend you start one. What follows are the basics on getting started.

A Personal Page

– Visit and click the “Join Google+” button in the top right corner.

– Sign in with a Google account if you have one, create a Google account if you don’t (you need one to create a page).

– Once you’ve been directed to your page, populate your profile. Much like Facebook, here is where you put in a profile and cover photo, and a bio in the “about” section. It’s important to remember professionalism.

– Make sure your bio has a link to your website.

A Business Page

– Visit and click on the “Create a Google+ Page” button (make sure you’re already logged into your Google account).

– Choose the category your business fits in: local business or place; product or brand; company, institution or organization; arts, entertainment or sports; or other.

– Fill in your business name and website.

– Similar to your personal page, now you can add the details about your company: a description, profile and cover photo.

– In the “Tagline” box, include your most relevant keywords.

Now you’re ready to start networking and engaging on Google+!