Using Google+ is Important for SEO.

Are you familiar with Google+? You’ve probably heard people talk about it, maybe you’ve heard all the criticism about it, and decided you didn’t need to take a look at it for your business.

Well, we’re here to tell you not to ignore this valuable online business tool.  With many modifications, and more to come, Google has transformed its social network (which looks and feels pretty similar to Facebook) into an important element of a social strategy, and is especially useful in helping to get your site listed higher in search results.

If you have a Gmail account you automatically have a Google+ personal page. This personal page (vs. a business Google+ page) is what Google likes to publish in keyword search results.  Although you can maintain the page as you would a regular social network page, with a profile, photos, posts and sharing, we highly recommend using Google+ for business purposes by keeping the posts on your personal page professional.

Each post on Google+ is indexed to show up during a Google search. And Google+ pages retain their ranking for an extended period of time, in some cases a year or more. Every time you post a link to Google+, the ranking for that post will pass along to the page linked in it.

So the more posts that link to your website on Google+, the more opportunities to show up in search, retain your ranking longer, and boost the Search Engine Ranking for your website.

Our recommendation is to appoint an expert in your company to post links on their own Google+ profile, or contact us. We can help set up one for your company (and even post for you, too).