Google Panda

This week Google released an update to its Panda search algorithm. It’s now been reported that Google won’t release reports of updates anymore, because such updates will be more gradual than before. Since the search engine giant is always tweaking and improving its algorithms, it’s always important to keep certain things in mind to rank as highly as possible, such as a strong, involved social media presence and relevant, strong backlinks.

However, the most important way you can improve your search ranking and avoid getting penalized by Panda is by loading your website with original, informative, valuable content.

Post a blog entry at least once a week (create a blog, if you don’t already have one). Make it into a valuable source for information. Think about your target customer or client. Where do they get their news? What do they want to know about your industry or niche? Write about topics that they’ll care about and want to learn, that also relate to your business. Don’t sell, instead impart your knowledge about your field. Post about industry news or events.

These blog posts don’t have to be very long, they should just contain original, valuable information relating to your industry and expertise. Link to other respected blogs and websites, and promote your posts on social media.

The more original, quality content you have on your website, the higher you’ll rank.