Google+: Getting Advanced

Once you’ve gotten started and are familiar with Google+, you can then explore the more advanced features of the tool to gain greater brand exposure and increase your SEO.


Google Hangouts are available in two formats: Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. With regular Hangouts, you can host a chat or video call with up to nine people, and have the ability to make it public or private. With Hangouts on Air, you can broadcast a video to the world. To say the least, this is excellent brand exposure. People looking on Google+ can view your hangout and interact with you with comments. We suggest broadcasting a hangout to demonstrate your expertise. Tutorials and Q&As are great ideas. A fun feature of Hangouts on Air is that you can save your video to YouTube.


When you Google something, think about the visual side of the results. You’re more likely to read the headline of and click on a story that has an image attached to it. You can set up Google Authorship to display your picture and link to your Google+ profile on everything you write online that appears in Google search. Visit this link: to link your Google+ profile to your content. Others benefits of Authorship  include higher clickthrough rates, page views and authority. The more authority you have on Google, the better your SEO.

Go forth and Google+!