Google Testing +Post Display Ads

It was only a manner of time that Google would introduce ads into its Google+ social network. Which is what happened this week, announced on Google+ by Product Manager of Social Ads at Google, Eran Arkin. Testing has begun on what’s called +Post ads for a group of brands including Toyota, RITZ Crackers and Cadbury.

Instead of using ads the way Facebook does, by incorporating them throughout the social network, +Post ads can be displayed throughout the entire Google Display Network, which has two million sites, according to Arkin’s post. The ads won’t exactly be ads either, they’ll be actual Google+ posts – like photos, videos, or hangouts – that viewers can +1 or share.

“Bringing together the sharing capabilities of Google+ and the reach of our ad products has already allowed advertisers to better connect with customers, and customers to better discover what others are thinking,” wrote Arkin. It’s definitely a good move for Google to integrate Google+ and its extensive ad network. We look forward to +Post ads rolling out to everyone else. They’ll allow for conversation and engagement directly inside display ads, which when hovered over will expand and move to the center of your browser window.

Here’s a video Google+ made on how Toyota has +Post ads to its benefit.


You can see the Toyota +Post ad on the right side of this screen grab.