Harness the Power of a Blog

Don’t underestimate the power of using a blog as part of your online marketing and publicity efforts. A corporate blog can establish your company as a thought-leader in its business category and enhance its overall Internet presence. In addition, a corporate blog can drive traffic to your website, attract new customers and clients at a relatively low cost-per-lead.

Here are five critical factors to help you harness the power of your blog and attract more readers:

  1. Make sure each post focuses on one idea and is optimized with relevant keywords. Do it properly and Google could index your post within sixty minutes!
  2. Syndicate summaries of each post to your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts to reach more people, driving them back to your blog and to your website.
  3. Design your blog so it’s comfortable to read and reflects your company’s corporate culture.
  4. Add photos and videos to your post for variety and to enhance reader interest.
  5. Add appropriate tags so that search engines like Google know what the blog is about.

Did you have some factors for success?