Having a Blast?

Email is the unsung hero of social media. It has proven itself as a marketing tool to nurture leads, widen sales channels and deepen relationships. However, most people tend to refer to it as an email ‘blast’. By simply calling this valuable tool a ‘blast’ we are not acknowledging its indispensable capacity to interact with your audience. In fact, by calling emails “blasts” indicates you believe that the old marketing methodology still works.

We live in an age where your prospects and customers can turn off your message with the simple click of a button. DVR’s, Spam Blockers, Image Blockers, Caller ID, and Do Not Call registries are just a few. And the list will continue to grow. The consumer has grown callused and apathetic to most marketing messages so your approach to marketing needs to beg a different discipline.

It starts with the language you are using. Let’s start calling emails “sends” or “messages.” Just by referring to them differently we can start to view email in it’s proper light.

For instance here are three extremely beneficial features that you can utilize just with email:

Personalization: The ability to customize the content so it appears like a personal message, not just a generic ‘blast’ to anyone and everyone.

Dynamic content: A relatively new feature for most emailers, it is based on using a single message template with several customizable fields. Dynamic content allows you to construct multiple versions of highly targeted, specialized messages that speak to each subscriber individually. (More about this in future blogs)

Segmentation: One of marketing’s fundamentals, using email we can segment your lists into behaviors, interests as well as demo and geographic targets more easily than ever before.

So let’s start interacting, not transacting.