How to Win the Email Game and Get Higher Response Rates

If you’ve been “blasting” emails to everyone on your customer list over the past umpteen years, then you’ve left a lot of money on the table – and have probably lost a lot of customers as well – customers who have continuously received emails from you that just aren’t of interest to them. And one wonders why those regularly using email as a marketing tool experience lower than usual response rates! It’s not the medium of email; it’s the lack of targeting.

Email is the most powerful social media tool; yet because Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are big right now, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ignoring this old dependable workhorse. But to get maximum results, email has to be done the proper way.

If you want to increase sales with higher email redemption rates, you need to convert your email list into a true database – a customer information file that includes birthdays, zip codes and favorite hobbies, sports or interests. With that, you’re able to formulate at least three separate and targeted lists to send out specific messages that are of interest to your various customer segments.

Get away from the “blast.” Start segmenting your customers and watch your email response rates rise.