Hit Holiday Marketing Out of the Park

HolidayWe admit, the holidays can be pretty sneaky – they always manage to creep up on you all of a sudden, no matter how much advanced notice you have. One minute it’s September and you think you’re ready to start planning, the next it’s the beginning of December and you’re scrambling.

Fear not, though! For those of us that want to take on the holidays and make one last marketing push, Entrepreneur has offered up four pieces of advice to keep up the festive cheer.

All of these tips tie back to one thing – building a “family” in your brand. Everybody wants to be involved with something they care about. Small companies have this advantage right at their fingertips, and with hard work they can maintain a close-knit community even as they grow. Your customers will get to know each other and engage in conversations without needing to be prompted, making your brand look better in the long run.

Let your customers see you as human. Interact, start conversations, make each response just a little bit different from the last. It will make their day, and maybe even make yours as well.

Make your customers feel special this holiday season and you’ll knock it right out of the park.