Is Holiday Marketing for B2B Companies Too?

The holidays are the season of giving… and memorable advertising. It is truly a time where companies from every industry put out their best ads and campaigns in the hopes of grabbing that “on-the-fence” consumer. And if you’re thinking holiday marketing is only for consumer brands, think again. Holiday marketing works for anyone who has the creative willingness, and that goes for B2B companies as well. Here are 5 tips on how to use the holiday season for B2B Marketing:

1. Plan ahead of time: This one is kind of obvious for any time of the year, but during the busy holiday season you definitely want to make sure you plan ahead. Give yourself, and your business, ample time to get your campaigns, ads, graphics, and anything else you plan on using, in order. It’s better to be prepared than to scramble at the last minute, just like your holiday gift shopping.

2. Create holiday-themed content: Get your audience into the spirit by generating holiday-themed graphics and interactive features on your website and on social media. You can also spread the cheer on print ads, mailers, emails, and any other marketing tools you use. In doing so, you can better grab the attention of potential clients and customers, and make your message more current.

3. Show your appreciation: Say thank you. Your gratitude shouldn’t only be shown around the family table at thanksgiving. Say thank you to your clients, customers, staff, and anyone who contributes to the success of your business. Thank them on your website, through social media or get real fancy and send out a holiday card. You want to individualize each of these relationships. Everyone likes to feel special and this is an excellent way to build a stronger connection between your business and your customers.

4. Paid social media: Take advantage of what social media has to offer and invest in paid advertising. Although it may be more expensive during holidays due to increased web and social traffic, it is well worth the investment. If your marketing campaigns are well thought out and executed properly, you will be reaping the benefits not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

5. Give to charity: There’s something about the holidays that make people more caring and giving, especially to complete strangers. People flex their philanthropic muscles a little more this time of year, which makes it a perfect opportunity for you and your business. Consider running a charitable campaign, which not only does good for the local or global community, but also does well for your corporate social responsibility. And next time a customer is looking to do business with someone, they are more likely consider you after remembering that charitable campaign you ran.