How To Demonstrate Stability And Trust In A Volatile Economy

CGTstabilityblogMuch like what you’re reading now, a monthly newsletter emailed or mailed to your customers is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to remind them of the great products and services you offer.

In these tough economic times, your company newsletter demonstrates stability and trust. Customers and clients prefer to align themselves with those who will be around for the long haul.

Here are eight tips for developing your own company newsletter and sending it to your email or mail list:

1. Keep the content generic, yet industry-relevant.

2. Keep the articles brief and in bullet point form.

3. Don’t hard sell. Offer helpful ‘tips’ or other useful information so readers feel that you are ‘giving’ them something.

4. Start with a table of contents, so readers can choose their articles of interest.

5. Provide a link in case the recipient wishes additional information on a topic.

6. Maintain a consistent delivery schedule and creative format.

7. Include your contact information and a link to your Web site, if the recipient desires to e-mail or phone you.

8. After the fifth issue, develop a readers’ survey to determine what readers like and don’t like about the newsletter. Ask them if there are topics they would like to see included in future issues.

Bottom line: A consistent newsletter is all about “rememberability.” It keeps your company’s name in front of your prospective customers and clients, so when they’re ready to make a purchase, your name will be well-remembered.