How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Developing a true social media strategy is not as easy as hiring an intern to do everything and hoping it works. There are many moving parts and people who have to get involved in order to make social media a long-term success.

We recommend formulating a plan and getting a top-down corporate commitment on why you’re participating in the various social media platforms. What does your company want to achieve? What are the criteria for success? Which platforms does your target audience use? Who will supply new content and how often will it be posted? Who will administrate and monitor the various platforms?

The most effective place to start your social media plan is with a blog that offers insight into your business category. Each blog post, besides affecting search engine optimization of your website, can drive referral traffic to it. In addition, you can condense and syndicate blog posts for use in Twitter and Facebook, giving you a social media omni-presence.

The ultimate secret to success in utilizing social media is having the ability to write relevant content and communicating it to your audience.