How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Part 1

Do you want to increase your visibility and exposure for your brand but don’t know how? No worries, we got you covered. We’ve done our research and have found the best ways to increase traffic for your website. In this 5-part blog series, we are going to discuss 10 ways to successfully drive traffic. In part 1, we are going to focus on the top two ways from our list: optimizing your site for SEO and content marketing. So grab a pen and pad or get ready to copy and paste because we’re ready to go!

Optimize your site for SEO
Search engine optimization is critical no matter what business you’re in whether you are a marketing firm in New York City or selling chickens out of your backyard. You want your website to have one of the top search-engine rankings which can be done through the use of keywords. Your SEO basically communicates to search engines your site’s intentions based on keywords you use, and from this, they can recommend your site to relevant searches.

Now in order to successfully have your site considered for relevant searches, there are a few things that need to be in order. Your content needs to be organized, precise, and strategically placed. This includes keyword-rich text present on each page, page titles, and meta descriptions, or the HTML code that describes each page. Your content should also be up to standard as in whether or not the information you share is worthy for others to share or if you are worthy to be referenced to by others. The performance of your site and user experience are important as well.

As you are going through this process, make sure to keep your goals and objectives in mind. You created them for a reason so everything you do should lead right back to them. And remember to constantly monitor your SEO because search engine algorithms are continually changing.

Content Marketing

If your brand had a voice, what would it say? Every piece of content you produce should reflect the personality of your brand. It should also be relatable to your audience and be aligned with their needs and interests. Content marketing is all about creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content. If you keep those three things in mind, you will attract and maintain the defined audience you desire.
Focusing on the quality rather than the quantity will be extremely helpful to your success here. It is seemingly pointless to bust out several mediocre posts with no meaning or purpose. It is better to have one piece of AMAZING content that resonates with a larger group of people rather than a long list of meaningless nonsense. So in this case, ‘less is more’ is a good thing.

A successful content marketing approach begins with planning ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to quickly pull something together. Well thought out content takes time so it pays to plan ahead this way you have a distinct path to follow. And as you are heading down this path, track your results. By constantly doing so, you will have a better idea of what is working and what is not.

Hungry for more? We have ‘part 2’ of this blog series coming to you soon so stay tuned for more information on ways to drive traffic to your website.