How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Part 4

Are you getting tired of this yet? No? Good, neither are we! In our previous blog post, we talked about how direct mail, testimonials, and case studies are extremely important in driving traffic to your site. Next up is crafting viral worthy headlines and interviewing industry experts. Let’s do this…

It’s all about the headline

This element is often overlooked but is probably the most imperative. Whether you’re writing an article for a political newspaper, drafting a marketing blog post, or headlining a monthly email newsletter for a nonprofit, when it comes to content marketing, it’s all about the headline. You never want to “judge a book by its cover,” or, in this case “judge an article by its headline”; however, that is the mindset you must be in. If your title isn’t captivating and is just plain boring, no one is going to bother reading any further. They will just assume your writing is just as commonplace as that title.

The headline you choose must do two things: it must appeal to your target personas and it must also promise to provide some type of value to these target personas. If they are taking the time out to read what you have to say, make it worth their while. Properly introduce the topic that will in some way enhance their lives by keeping it short, sweet, and relevant to what you wrote about.

The best headlines touch upon the key components of the message you are trying to express. Some examples include: “The Best Way to…”, “The Fastest Way to…”, “The Easiest Way to…”. Think about when you yourself are researching online on how to do something; let’s say you’re looking up how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. More often than not, the first words you type are the “best”, “fastest”, or “easiest” because you want to cook the turkey in the most efficient way possible. Another tip to consider are is starting with a number: “The Top 5 Best Ways to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey” or by starting with “How to Cook the Best Thanksgiving Turkey.” People love clear and concise directions so your title should allude to that. And you always want to speak directly to your reader and be sure to use strong adjectives that entice your audience.

Interview industry experts 

A sure-fire way to drive traffic is to organize informative interviews with experts in the industry. Doing so it gives credibility to your site and to your brand as an overall authoritative source. By providing new views and opinions, even if they do not align with your own, you offer your audience multiple perspectives on a particular subject. And as an added bonus to having an industry expert exclusively conduct an interview with you, you will have the benefit of drawing in their audience and social following, thus opening you up to a whole new audience of people who may not have even thought twice about you until now. And be sure to have them share the interview on their own social channels and perhaps their website. With that type of exposure you will be sending a new wave of traffic to your site.

Well, that’s it for part 4 of how to drive traffic to your site. Stay tuned for our fifth and final blog post in this series.