Ignoring the Most Powerful Marketing Activity That Increases Sales

Word–of-mouth is the number one way to increase sales, yet many companies settle for hoping that customers will automatically spread the good word about them. Unfortunately, most businesses neglect giving customers anything special to talk about, consequently losing out on sales opportunities, and that all-important customer-loyalty factor.

Word–of-mouth is successful only when companies make a conscientious decision to do something unexpected that makes your customers say, “Wow, that’s interesting; the competition certainly doesn’t do that!”

Of all of your current marketing efforts – online and offline – nothing is more important than what you’re doing to encourage word–of-mouth. To be successful, you have to be remembered; to be remembered, you have to give your customers something to talk about – or they’ll easily forget about you.

With thousands of similar companies competing for a small wedge of attention, what are you doing to stand out? Another ho-hum TV spot, a creatively tired direct mail piece, a supposedly new digital offering?