What's More Important Than Lead Generation?

Digital and mobile marketing have opened up seemingly boundless possibilities for lead generation. Emails, display ads, landing pages and especially social media (a great step-by-step plan to creating Twitter lead generation cards here, from Klood) have opened up more and more opportunities for reaching potential customers.

The thing is, these new tools for lead generation won’t matter if your lead nurturing program isn’t finely tuned. So you’ve got a list of emails and names, that’s wonderful. But if that list lingers for too long without follow-up, the leads will dry up.

Check out this useful infographic posted by Entrepreneur (it’s from 2013 but the information is still important to keep in mind). Important things to do include organizing your leads into categories, following up quickly and delivering great customer service.

Included in the infographic are some powerful stats. After the first hour, chances of reaching a new lead are reduced by 10 times. And nurturing leads results in up to 45 percent more in ROI.

What does your lead nurturing program look like? Do you have someone responsible for sifting through new leads and distributing them to others for follow up? Do you have customer service or sales representatives personally reaching out to the emails on their lists? You should. Leads don’t mean anything unless they’re taken care of.