"In and Out" 2012 Marketing Trends

OUT: Advertising in all the wrong places

IN: Connecting in all the right places

OUT: Websites that look like billboards

IN: Websites that include videos

OUT: Focusing on your business

IN: Focusing on your staff, customers/clients

OUT: Mediocrity – no one will remember your product or service

IN: “Remarkability” – an experience customers/clients will share with others

OUT: It’s right because everyone’s doing it

IN: It’s wrong because everyone’s doing it

OUT: Facebook and Twitter fans following you just for discounts

IN: Fans following you because they’re passionate about your company

OUT: The story of your price

IN: The story of your business

OUT: Using daily discount deals to grow your business

IN: Using the “old-fashioned” way to grow your business

OUT: Blindly jumping on the social media bandwagon

IN: Understanding how social media works best for your business

What do you think is OUT and IN?