How to Jumpstart Your Blog

How’s your blog? Have you updated it recently? No? We won’t judge you. We’ve all been there. You got wrapped up in work and suddenly it’s been a month or two (or more) since your last blog post. The thing is, when blogging or writing isn’t central to your business, it can be kind of a pain. But it’s worth it to keep up with it, because your blog can be an important tool for SEO. Here are some steps to get your blog into gear:

Create a Content Calendar. It’s incredibly easy to put blogging aside when you not only have to write a post, but also come up with an idea for it. Sit down at the beginning of the month and map out your blogging topics for the next few weeks. Print out a calendar, use your planner, or an Excel spreadsheet so you can visualize it. Dedicate an hour or two to brainstorm topics, and plan to write a post once or twice a week. That’s eight blogs a month, maximum. And if at any time along the way a topic ‘hits’ you, write it down. Once you see it all mapped out you’ll realize it’s not that much work.

Set Reminders. You’ve got your content mapped out for the month. Now all you have to do is remind yourself to write and post it. Set alerts on your phone or computer for each day you’re going to blog. Once the alert goes off, consult your calendar for that day’s topic and get to writing.

Ask for Help. Writer’s block is real, and it can strike at any time. You’ve been reminded to post a blog, you’ve consulted your calendar for your idea, you’ve sat in front of your computer, fingers on the keyboard… and nothing. When this happens, don’t wait for inspiration to strike, because it may not, and before you know it, you haven’t blogged in a month. Instead, consult your colleagues. Ask them for some ideas, or simply have a conversation about your blog topic. Sometimes all you need for inspiration is someone to bounce ideas off. While the gears in your brain are still turning from the conversation, write down your thoughts. You can also try surfing online on news and industry websites for topics that may turn the proverbial ‘light bulb’ on.

Promote. You’ve written, posted, and now you want to let people know they can read your blog. Share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Put a link to the blog in your regular email newsletter.