A Guaranteed Way to Keep Customers and Clients for Life

There’s a reason Starbucks can increase its coffee prices and face little resistance because of it: simply, the concept is designed to make its customers feel good. From the product to the ambience, everything at Starbucks just feels right. Nordstrom is similar – it’s not about the price; it’s about the experience.

The ultimate goal of marketing your product or service, from the inside to the outside, should be to make your customers feel good. It’s called the “wow customer experience.”

Take the time to see what the experience of doing business with you – from the customers’ point of view – is really like. From the start to the end; from the phone call to driving into the parking lot; from the elevator to the office lobby, every customer touch-point should be a comfortable experience because when the experience is great, the price of your product or service makes very little difference.

Does your company’s marketing at every touch-point make your customers feel good? Does it go beyond their expectations? If it does, then you’ve got them for life.