Lessons From Google Plus

Despite the odds of defeating Facebook, last month Google introduced its new social networking site, Google Plus. The limited introductory trial met great reviews and posed the question, “Can Google Plus crush Facebook?”

Even with the new network’s uniqueness, probably not.

With 750 million users, Facebook is an integral part of too many lives. Still, Google Plus can put a dent in Facebook because people love to explore and try something different. Google’s attempt to challenge the social networking leader with something better, begs the question: “How easy is it for something new to come along and damage your business?”

Eventually, in business, everything evolves into something better. In the eyes of consumers, what once was great eventually becomes mediocre and worn out.

The business lessons here are eye-opening:

  • No matter your company’s popularity or business sector, it is always vulnerable to something better, different and innovative.
  • All businesses must constantly differentiate and provide value in order to continue prospering.
  • Any small business can easily put a damaging dent in a larger one.
  • People love innovation and attention to their needs. Stay aware of your target audience’s interests and forecast what their future needs will be.

To choose a path of innovative action, start by asking, “What if?” and, “Will it wow?” Examine what other businesses are doing and ask, “Can it be done differently or better?”

We urge you to be proactive before someone puts a dent in your company’s business. Better yet, make the decision to take immediate innovative action and put a dent in your competition’s business before they do it to you!