Lessons in Fostering Lifelong Customers

Reading New York Mag last week, I came cross a feature on Warby Parker, the company from which I purchase my prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. And I somehow didn’t realize this before, but I am smack dab in the center of this company’s target demographic. They got me, and I didn’t even realize it was happening.

Here are a few ways Warby Parker’s strategy works and how you can apply their techniques to your own marketing.

Fill a Need in the Market

The main reason why I looked into Warby Parker glasses in the first place was the price. Any glasses-wearer knows they’re not cheap. You might spend upwards of $500 for just one pair. Warby Parkers are $95. “The design would resemble those of high-end manufacturers—no lion heads here—but the prices would be low, though not so low as to appear poor-quality, or conjure visions of sweatshops,” reports NY Mag. Where is the niche in your market that you could fill?

Customer Engagement

After my first purchase from Warby Parker, I fired off a tweet to the company, because I had a great experience. But I didn’t expect too much in return.  To my surprise, Warby Parker tweeted right back: “Thanks for stopping by to see us today, Sarah! Which pair did you decide to order?” And when I told them what pairs I ordered, they tweeted again: “You’re definitely set to go with those two pairs, Sarah!” If you make your customers and clients feel good about working with you or buying from you, it will inspire loyalty. It’s also a great idea to reach out, ask questions, get to know your clients and customers. In any way you can, personalize the experience.

Acquire Customer Loyalty

Similar to Toms shoes, Warby Parker has a “one for one” business model, where for every pair of glasses sold they donate one to someone in need. I’ve purchased two pairs of glasses and one pair of sunglasses thus far, meaning three people now have the glasses they need because of me. Pretty powerful stuff.

The glasses also happen to be pretty damn stylish. I’ve always felt good and appreciated when purchasing from this company, and I’ve recommended it to more people than I can count. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

– Sarah Annese, social media manager