Top Tips for Website Design: Page Speed

When thinking about website design, a Long Island web design company will keep page speed at the forefront of the design process.

You want visitors to your website to stay there, and if it doesn’t load and respond quickly, they may leave. Here are some key elements in optimal website design to consider when thinking about page speed:

1. Keep photos on the small side. When photos are too large they will not load quickly and will slow down navigation on your web page.

2. Stay away from Flash. Flash, and too much Java Script, are notorious for slowing a website down. They also negatively impact Search Engine Optimization. Though Flash might look great, esthetics shouldn’t take precedence over usability.

3. Be thoughtful with 3rd party codes. You most likely have Google Analytics or a Facebook box on your website, and you should. But they could slow your website down, so make sure your programmer puts them last on the page, before the closing body tag (</body>).

4. Think about your visitors. What do they look for? What do they want? Once you’ve established these facts, trim your homepage down to the bare minimum. Make sure visitors can get exactly what they want. Keep your homepage organized and minimal.

Make it work. You want your website to be beautiful. We all do. But it’s not just beauty that contributes to a user experience. Your site has to work, too.

Working with a Long Island digital advertising agency will get your site up to speed.