Marketers, Let’s Work Together

Marketing in 2017

In recent years, it seems like there has been a constant struggle between digital and traditional marketing techniques. Arguments are raised on both sides, wondering about effectiveness versus cost, and what could possibly be in store in the next five or ten years. But, there are a select few individuals that bring up a valid proposition – the idea of both sides working together.

In a lot of ways, this might be the best way possible to think about marketing going forward.

View marketing as a high strategy game. And like any high strategy game, you’re not going to progress if you don’t learn from those around you and take advantage of the skills your teammates have. When all of the players (or in our case, all of the marketers) are working towards a goal together, an interesting story appears. If you roll the dice and it doesn’t pan out right away, then you have a team to fall back on and ask “okay, this is what went wrong, now how can we work past it?” rather than shouldering all of the blame.

We’ve all seen articles that rattle off statistics about millennials and how traditional marketing techniques are lost on them. There are also more than enough people saying that digital marketing isn’t really as effective as it’s touted to be. Some may claim that traditional producers are too firmly tied to their roots, including the oft thought to be dead print medium. On the other hand, those involved in digital should admit that the field is too new and constantly changing to firmly define what works and what doesn’t. There are positives and negatives on both sides.

When combining and compromising between the two, new ideas are given a chance to take root, bud, and eventually blossom into something incredible. Old traditional masters are given a chance to learn from digital grasshoppers, while up-and-coming digital marketers are given a chance to outshine their traditional predecessors.

In the end, both are tied to the same two goals – increasing sales and pleasing the customer. With a similar drive to win, traditional and digital marketing might be different in a number of ways, but they’re also on the same team.