Marketing in 2015

success In the blink of an eye, it seems, 2014 is coming to a close. We are already thinking about 2015 and what adventures await us in the new year. Trends are changing every month, minute, and second – so we always need to be prepared.

Forbes is already giving us a jump start with seven content marketing tips that are definitely in the need to know. We talked about Brochures and if they are still relevent.  With the lessons already learned in 2014, picking these tips up in 2015 should be a breeze.

Here are some more to keep in mind:

Involve your customer. It seems simple enough, but a lot of people tend to forget to put it into practice. Consumers want to be involved in the brands they’re purchasing, they want to feel like their dollar has power. Show that you care about your clientele, and they’ll continue to support you.

Be Up to Date on Social Trends. You never know when a social media platform will become the next Facebook. Have someone on your team that’s willing to explore these websites and keep checking it, ask your interns what websites they’re using, ask your friends and family.

Update your website. It’s so easy to let your website go for a while without updating it. But it’s always important to have new, fresh content, whether it’s beautiful images or informative blog posts. New and updated content will make your website appeal to potential customers, and search engines.

Best of luck in 2015!