Marketing Trends for 2014

2013 is drawing to a close. It’s time to think about what marketing in 2014 will look like. Here are some things we suggest you keep in mind.

– Content marketing is becoming even more powerful, and if you haven’t been focusing on it so far we suggest you make it a priority in 2014. High quality, original content will continue to reign.

– With Instagram and Vine, we’ve seen short, visually based marketing messages really take off this year. Keep focus on your mobile friendly photos and videos. Make them compelling and share-worthy.

– Diversifying your marketing messages will be more important than ever. New social media outlets and apps keep cropping up. It’s great to try new ways to get your message out there, but don’t forget the successful ways you’ve marketed in the past. Use digital traditional marketing methods together for a winning combination.

– Keep track of how your website and email messages appear on mobile devices. Make sure they’re easy to read and navigate through on smartphones and tablets.