Old and New – The Right Fit for Successful Marketing.


“Social” and “Digital” are the hottest marketing buzzwords at the moment. And for good reason. The most talked about creative and innovative campaigns in recent years have been digital. And while we’re proponents of digital marketing, we don’t want you to forget about certain traditional resources. Here are some, and ways you can tie them into your digital campaign.

Magazine ads. Unfortunately print journalism has seen a decline in recent years, but we still see the value of trade magazines. Placing ads in these sources gives you the opportunity to reach your niche market. Find out what advertising vehicles your customer base is interested in and advertise there. Make sure your ads include your social media handles and your website, and include a call to action to encourage people to visit.

Direct mail. It’s gotten a lot of resistance, but direct mail can be valuable, especially in your local market. Because so many companies are just relying on emails, a direct mail piece won’t have a lot of competition. Make sure whatever you’re sending is eye-catching, well-written and informative. Offer something valuable, and include a call to action for whoever is reading it to visit a landing page you’ve designed specifically for this mailing. Include a form on the landing page for people to enter their information and receive something in return: a discount, free consultation or white paper. You now have a solid lead from the direct mailing. Make sure to follow up.

Press releases. What a better way to get your business’ name out there than to reach out to the media? A succinct and well-written press release that explains the latest new about your business or new product, along with a good quality photograph sent to industry editors and others in the media, can go a long way in promoting your business. A press release handles by a professional marketing company can leverage the networks, and followings of those in the media, to spread the word about your business.

When taking this advice, think about other creative ways, old or new, that can get your business’s name out there. Keep in mind the less utilized tactics and figure out creative ways to employ them alongside digital ones. Connecting with your key customer base at many different touch points, in different ways, will ensure a greater opportunity for success.