Meta Description…a Secret to Google Success

While having your company listed on Google is great, the challenge is to get users who have found your listing, to click-through and actually visit your website. This doesn’t always happen and the prime reason could be due to an ineffective meta description tag that Google extracts and uses as a summary of your website’s content.

A well-written meta description tag, a 160-character summary of the content of your web page – which is normally a description of your business – needs to be appealing and interesting enough for the user to click on to your website to get additional information about your company.

We recommend you include your most relevant keywords as part of your summary. Those words will show up in bold text – and your listing will stand out from other listings that don’t include the words in their summary.

While the meta description tag doesn’t necessarily determine where Google will rank you, you should consider it as your last chance to persuade a user to visit your website.