New Survey on B2B Decision Makers

Here are the results of our findings:

1. To find product/industry information:

  • 59% still read print trade magazines
  • 64% go to trade magazine’s websites to find product/industry information.
  • 98% will search the internet to find product/industry information.
  • 63% read direct mail
  • 22% refer to social media (blogs, networking sites)

2. As compared to a year ago, do you read print magazines more or less?

  • 44% said less
  • 10% said more
  • 46% said same

3. As compared to a year ago, do you refer to magazines’ websites more or less?

  • 27% said less
  • 28% said more
  • 45% said same

4. As compared to a year ago, how often do you use the internet to find product information?

  • 3% said less
  • 78% said more
  • 19% said same

5. Considering a product for purchase, which companies are you most likely to contact?

  • 87% said those who advertised their product
  • 13% said those who do not advertise

Interestingly buyers are still relying on some of the traditional methods of business communication and those newer methods are making an impact. There is a generational divide in the adoption of the new media. For instance, targeting a primarily young (under 35), technically savvy audience will most likely see a larger gap between print and internet-based tactics. Targeting an older audience (over 45) will see more print dependency and less social media.

The takeaway from this research shows there is a change in where your advertising efforts should be directed. The key understands your market to determine how to structure the most effective mix of strategies.

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