New Tools For B2B Lead Generation

According to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 business owners said greater lead generation is their biggest challenge. Since there is such importance being placed on B2B lead generation to produce better results, it is crucial to find more meaningful ways to connect with leads. The good news is that with B2B social media marketing on the rise, its not just about brochures anymore, new tools have emerged to improve data in order to help businesses find success.

We all know that LinkedIn has changed the way business professionals connect by sharing information, exchanging ideas and establishing contacts. But now, there are tools to make this experience even more productive. One such tool is called Rapportive, which is a browser extension that incorporates a correspondent’s LinkedIn information straight into their Gmail inbox. This allows you to easily see your prospects’ job details, company details, shared interests, mutual friends and connections within an email.

Similar to Hoot Suite or Sprout, Oktopost is a social media management platform designed specifically for B2B marketing professionals. In addition to scheduling content distribution across multiple social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, it also integrates with marketing automation and CRM programs like Salesforce in order to sync lead data captured from social networks.

Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that lets marketers bring back lost web visitors with Facebook ads, banner ads across the web, and ads on Twitter. It’s similar to Google remarketing; however, Perfect Audience is a “cross-network” retargeting platform so your ads don’t just serve across one network, they serve across every major ad network and exchange on the web, including Facebook. It also lets you see every domain your ads are served on and how those ads performed there. With this information you can create blacklists and white lists to customize your campaigns.

One word of caution… just like it might be dangerous to use a nail gun if you are not properly trained, these tools are for those who know how to use them correctly. Be sure to have someone well versed in social media operating them, as you want to put your best foot forward with your leads. If you need training help, call a professional digital marketing agency.

We all know that data collection is one of the best and most efficient methods a marketer can use to enhance new business development. The more targeted and detailed your information is, the better chance you have of closing deals in the shortest amount of time. Sooner or later, cold calls will be a thing of the past!