Offbeat Marketing

SkywriterIn a world where marketers are constantly trying to get whatever advertising space possible, it can be very hard to get noticed. So, a number of companies have tried techniques that can be described as…unique.

There are articles devoted to the subject, known as “Offbeat Marketing.” It’s seen as the “next big thing” by many. Even then one has to wonder – how much of it actually sticks?

Sure, you can plop down some of your marketing budget for skywriting (that’s still a thing?) or organizing a flash mob – but is your audience really going to connect it to your product and will your campaign remain relevant in the customer’s mind? Even worse, will your message wind up misconstrued and become an overplayed meme on the internet?

Consumer minds are changing, what was “offbeat” yesterday can turn into cheap jokes today and tomorrow. While the might be a good strategy for a few, it doesn’t necessarily work for most.

This isn’t saying offbeat marketing is bad – it’s just saying that it has to be played smart. Always remember for every Madden Giferator, there’s a sassy Denny’s tumblr.