Oreo Cookie Balls Holiday Commercial: Why It's a Success

Have you seen the Oreo Cookie holiday commercial? It’s here, for your viewing pleasure. We at CGT have watched it, shared it and joked about it. And here’s what makes it a success:

It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hip hop artist Jinx raps in the background, as cartoon Oreo cookie balls dance around. It’s weird, silly and pretty ridiculous.

It’s catchy. Try watching the commercial once, maybe twice. Then try not to sing it in your head or hum it. Just try.

It’s about Oreos, without really being about Oreos. The word “Oreo” is spelled out but never said. An actual Oreo is never shown in full until the end of the video. Oreo cookie balls is something people make with Oreos. Pinterest is successful for the same reason. Seeing food and recipes causes people to want to make them. So you don’t want to just buy Oreos, you want to buy Oreos to make holiday treats.

It’s risky. Cartoon balls dancing around to a hip hop song? This commercial could easily have bombed. It was a risk; it was ballsy (pun intended). And it paid off. Props to Oreo, for willing to take such a risk.

It’s ripe for punning. Balls. We’ll just leave it at that.