Brands Like Oreo, Walgreens, Have Great Social Media Response to Super Bowl Blackout

During yesterday’s Super Bowl, Twitter was humming with activity about the commercials, with users joining the conversation by hashtagging #BrandBowl. The story of the evening, however, was definitely the half-hour blackout during the third quarter, and the brands that responded in clever ways.

Oreo – which had a creative, fun TV spot in the first place – hit it out of the park with its blackout response tweet: “Power out? No problem” accompanied by an ad with the caption, “You can still dunk in the dark.” (Image below)

Other brands that joined in were Walgreens, with “We do carry candles. #SuperBowl”; Audi; Buffalo Wild Wings; PBS, with “This might be a good time think about alternative programming. #SuperBowlBlackOut #WeHaveDowntonPBS”; Tide; and MLB, with “We thought we’d take this brief pause to remind you pitchers and catchers report in 8 days.”

Consensus across social media and the web at large was that Oreo won the Super Bowl blackout. We agree. The brand displayed quick thinking with a great social media response.

Oreo in the dark